Simple web host

Just want a web page with no extra hazzle?

Do you want a web page that is super easy to edit?

You came to the right place!

Imagine you just point and click, no previous knowledge needed to understand tricky blog software or code. 

We have you covered! We will make it so easy for you that you will be thinking "why i never did this before?". And if you want to expand with a web shop we can do that just as easy. We will even take care of the initial setup and layout for you. And its multilingual to! so you can add as many languages you want and do in-line translations of the content.

Easy to use

It is so crazy easy to use you will be amazed!
And easy to add more features to!
Blog, Shop, Events and more!

Want a webshop?

Want to sell online with no extra hazzle?
Well we can do that for you!

We care

We do out utmost to make sure its a problem free experience for you.

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The point and click solution

Just give us a call or send a email and we will set you up immediately.

We will throw in some email accounts and other stuff to for you to.

More traditional approach?

If you would prefer the more traditional hosting or perhaps want Wordpress or other software installed.

We can do that to :)

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